PRFV LINERS offers rehabilitation service for manholes, sewers, and drainage pipelines with UV Lining.

PRFV LINERS provides a modern solution for the repair of drinking water and sanitation pipelines.


PRFV LINERS offers a practical and innovative solution:
–Computerized television inspection to determine the pipe condition.
–Structural pipe rehabilitation with polyurethane fiberglass reinforced sleeves. This combination of fiberglass and resin creates a high resistance to chemical attack and extreme stresses with exceptional durability.
–The sleeve is introduced through the inlet pipe or manhole. By using ultraviolet equipment, the pipe is sealed through the inside and curation or polymerization is done.
–Thanks to this new procedure, costly excavation work is minimized. Less infrastructure is used to rehabilitate the pipe, therefore minimizing the impact on the road. This means less road closures and / or less reduced passable sections. Additionally, the execution time is significantly lower than those of traditional rehabilitation methods.
–A large quantity of pipes and plumbing around the world have been sanitized and rehabilitated by the technology used by PRVF Liners.

RELINING METHOD for pipe rehabilitation


PRFV Liners can install 130 meters of liners in less than 24 hours

Video Inspection

Inspection of sewage or storm pipes  is performed  by an adaptable robotic device with  a high resolution camera.


PRVF Liners rehabilitates rainwater, sewer, and drainage pipes using liners and plastic (polyurethane) reinforced fiberglass (GRP).


The coating for manhole repair is an innovative technique for the renewal of inspection chambers and/or drainage manholes.


Inspection of sewage or storm pipes is performed by an adaptable robotic device with a high resolution camera. This allows us to observe and measure the dirt, obstructions, damage, displacement, and lateral pipe connections for repair. Filming the initial state of the pipes provides a technical report with digitized images of the trouble spots. This is an essential tool for guiding decision-making and professional work in general.

New technology for flexible, fast, and innovative pipeline rehabilitation.

The video inspection service provides PRFV LINERS´ clients information about internal conditions of the pipe and its system of wastewater collection. All inspections are carried out by high resolution video cameras (pan & tilt), which allow the operator to move the angle of the camera to detect and record defects, as needed, providing a full 360 ° view.


Until the middle of the last decade, the market was dominated by plush sleeves impregnated “in situ” resins, cured by hot water or steam through a complex and slow investment process. Since the market introduction of repairing underground pipes without breaking, there has been a rise in usage of ultraviolet light (UV-cured liners) cured hoses, impregnated stretchable resins, made in the factory in under strict quality control. This allows easy installation and faster curation, which guarantees best values of impermeability, flexural strength and maximum sealing. Because of the comparative advantages over traditional systems, the UV-cured sleeves currently lead in the European and world markets.

PRFV LINERS offers rainwater, sewage, and drainage pipe rehabilitation service using polyurethane reinforced fiberglass sleeves, cured with ultraviolet light. The UV light diameters range from 150 mm to 1500 mm.

It is necessary to repair several kilometers of water and sanitation pipes because our cities´water infrastructure is aging.

The rehabilitation liners guarantee a 70-year lifetime. This system can be used to rehabilitate any type of pipe including clay, cast iron, PVC, ABS, HDPE, concrete, and corrugated metal.

PRFV LINERS can install 130 meters of liners within 24 hours. This allows fast work in areas with high traffic density.


Manhole coating is an innovative technique for renewal of drainage manholes from 500 mm to 1200 mm. Using this centrifugal spray technique – for structures up to 10 meters deep- the walls can be recoated with high performance cement mortar.

The automated coating system without human intervention contributes to the health and safety of operators for more efficient manhole renovation.

The coating system is fully automated, it requires no human intervention inside the opening. This allows an enormous contribution to the security of the operating personnel as well as a significant reduction in execution time, in addition to saving material, which enables more efficient manhole renovation.


Record timing rehabilitation

Once the pipeline is inspected and cleaned, the rehabilitation process begins. It takes about 5 hours, depending on their diameter and length. After the rehabilitation is completed, the pipeline is ready to be used again.

Liner composition.

Video inspection provides information about the conditions inside the pipe. Through video inspection it is confirmed that the pipeline is completely clean and no is liquid pouring inside. The rehabilitation process is then ready to be initiated.

The liner is introduced through the inlet pipe or manhole and inserted into the pipe to be rehabilitated.

Once the liners are in position, plugs are placed to allow inflation with compressed air until the liners occupy the entire diameter of the pipe. The liner is calibrated with compressed air until it is adapted to the wall of the pipe.

A train of lighting equipment is then inserted into the pipeline and the UV light curation process starts. The process is performed by a fully computerized system that allows the recording of temperature, feed-rate and pressure in real time. The entire procedure is documented and delivered to the customer in video documentation. The equipment of ultraviolet (UV) curing / polymerized therein is performed, so the product is cured and sealed liners. Using the UV light equipment, the interior of the pipe is cured and polymerized. Now the liner handling has been hardened and sealed.


fast installation


no contamination

Because the technique allows complete work in very short time margins, the liners can be installed faster than any other existing system.

Liners return structural integrity to damaged pipes without breaking the roadway or causing inconveniences to the surrounding area.

Because of its higher modulus of elasticity and resistance to bending and compression, reinforced fiberglass polyurethane liners are designed to provide superior performance in comparison to any other coated fiberglass rehabilitation system. Also, their average 70-year lifespan makes them ideal to rehabilitate pipes with high static and dynamic load, ranging from 150 mm to 1500 mm in diameter.

While curing with ultraviolet light instead of hot water or steam, PRFV LINERS avoids any risk of wastewater contamination in the air or water system.

Because of different dimensions, profiles and special requirements, depending on liquid flowing and circulating inside, all pipes are different. PRFV LINERS system rehabilitates circular, ovoid, and box-like pipes, with diameters ranging from 150 mm to 1500 mm.

Finished work

We are already working to improve the water infrastructure in our cities to repair and replace pipes for drinking water and sanitation.


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